Liner Kimya aims to meet customer demands and expectations at the highest level by constantly improving its product and service quality in the industrial cleaning sector. Our company aims not to compromise on the principles of "innovation, environmentalism and being human-oriented" while achieving its goals. Liner Kimya will continue to work in line with these principles in order to take its place as a strong company in the industrial cleaning sector.


The vision of our company; To lead the sector and to be a reliable and respected institution of the country by constantly improving its methods in its field of expertise in order to increase its effectiveness and efficiency in the national / international market.


    Our brand, which has been at the highest levels in its sector in the national and international arena for more than 3 years since its establishment, today offers products and services to its customers with more than 45 product types in 7 different product categories. ; It aims to produce products that are healthy, beneficial for the environment and people, and that will offer quality solutions to the consumer with practical use.

At the point where Liner Kimya has reached today, it has reached these goals with its wide product network that it produces from almost every field where cleaning chemicals should be.

While Liner Kimya takes important steps in the world market every day, it continues to develop the best products for you and to grow with your cooperation by working with the best engineers in its field in its laboratories.


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